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As part of the four modules of our program, the participants deal with and deepen the central topics of each phase of setting up a company. 

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2019 - 2022


Der Intercultural Business HUB ist ein Inkubator für Startups von internationalen Frauen, in dem jede Teilnehmerin gleichzeitig ihre Unternehmerpersönlichkeit sowie ihr Business entwickeln kann.

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Business start-ups for migrants in Berlin

2017 - 2018

For many migrants, starting a business is a fantastic option to gain a foothold in the labor market. With their own company, they can bring their knowledge and professional experience to the German market, which is of great benefit to society as well as to the local and national economy. 

Self-employment is an exceptional choice for many migrants. Through his/her own business or company, the migrant is able to transfer his/her knowledge and experience to the German market, which means a great contribution to society as well as to the local and national economy.




Participation in working life is one of the most important aspects for a successful integration process, both for people with a migration background and for refugees. In order to develop professional perspectives, refugees need guidance and advice. The existing competencies, the potential and the strength of refugees must be recognized individually. They can continue to build on this in order to prepare themselves well for professional life in Berlin.

The Migra-Up project aims to empower refugees for professional life as well as to provide orientation for entry opportunities into the labor market, with a special focus on starting a business.  

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