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Starting up - from 01.03. to 30.06.2023

Starting up is aimed at female entrepreneurs with a migration background who already have a business idea and need professional advice to develop a solid business plan, personal coaching to analyze and strengthen their entrepreneurial personality, and a support network to provide inspiration and support in the process before starting a business.


The Frauenalia team accompanies you step by step in the preparatory phase of your foundation. With the help of various lecturers, the participants work in parallel on the personal skills of an entrepreneur, design their business model and business plan, learn how to present their business idea to the public, work on their branding and receive advice on tax and financing issues.

If you have a concrete business idea and are determined to implement it, the Starting-up program will help you to develop the personal qualities of an entrepreneur, to put your idea into concrete terms and to work out your business model and business plan.

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