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After two years of an enriching cooperation with Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus), EUFRAK – Euroconsults Berlin GmbH (Germany), Magenta Consulting (Spain), PRISM – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo (Italy) and Verein Multikulturell (Austria), we are proud of having completed our mission in the Erasmus+ KA2 project Employ-Me!


Employ-Me promotes the socio-labour integration of migrant women enhancing their digital competences and improving their employability and presence on the labour market.


Frauenalia gUG has worked on this project hand in hand with EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH as German national partner. In these two years we have built the Employ-Me! Platform together, tested it out with a first group of migrant women in the 5 countries and presented to a large number of multipliers. 


Frauenalia gUG hosted a round table with ten non-profit organizations based in Berlin. Not only the Employ-Me platform was presented as helpful tool for the counseling work with migrant women in Germany but also the organizations reflected on the current challenges of the German labour integration. Thereafter, Frauenalia initiated a series of regular presentations of the project among multipliers in Germany.

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