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Looking for a new career path during the Covid 19 pandemic? 


In the last year, many women working in areas particularly affected by the pandemic have lost their jobs. Many self-employed women have also been affected by the pandemic and are looking for a new path. These women face the challenge of reinventing themselves and finding a new career path. You may find yourself in one of these situations, or you may simply be in the process of re-entering the labor market and don't know which path to choose.


One of the most used words this past year is "reinvent yourself". But how can I reinvent myself and find a new career direction? It is a difficult and challenging task to make such a journey alone. That's why we want to accompany you on this journey. 


The "Erfinde Dich neu!" project is aimed precisely at internationally educated women who need a reinvention process to successfully integrate professionally or to re-enter the labor market in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Through a program consisting of 12 workshops, coaching sessions and networking events in the company of professional speakers and coaches.


Main topics: Analysis of personality as well as goals and potential, development of a profile of professional and personal competencies, determination of professional goals, stress management and resilience, digitalization in the new world of work and use of professional social networks for job search as well as for building a successful network.

Start date: May 12th, 2021


Start date: May 12th, 2021


Individual coaching sessions are arranged individually with each participant.


Places are limited.


Cost: All programs are publicly funded and do not require financial participation from participants.

Prerequisites: German level B2 and current status as unemployed, job-seeking or inactive.  


Module 1: Workshops from May 12 to June 23, 2021 (Wednesdays from 9:00 to 14:00).

Module 2: Workshops from August 11 to August 27 (Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm).

Coaching & networking event: September 2021

Where: Depending on the pandemic situation, the project will be conducted in a face-to-face or digital format.

In case of a presence format: Schivelbeiner Str. 6, 10439 Berlin


Contact: Annett Alvarez is available to answer all your questions via email to


Das Projekt “Erfinde Dich neu!” wird gefördert aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds und der Senatsverwaltung für Integration, Arbeit und Soziales im Rahmen der Bezirklichen Bündnisse für Wirtschaft und Arbeit.

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