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Das Projekt „Frauenalia’s Hub“ wird gefördert von der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung mit Mitteln, die von der Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Are you a migrant who wants to become an entrepreneur or is already an entrepreneur in Berlin? Become part of the HUB!

Frauenalia's Hub is an incubator for startups by international women, where each participant can develop her entrepreneurial personality as well as her business.

We learn together and co-found! Frauenalia's multidisciplinary team brings in multiple layers to work with you to make your business a success. Throughout the four modules of our program, participants address and deepen the key topics of each phase of starting a business. The modules are independent of each other, so participants can sign up for the module that best suits their current situation. 

In addition, our HUB offers women entrepreneurs and future founders thematic compact courses on various essential topics of a start-up. 

In the Becoming an entrepreneur?  we accompany you in the analysis of entrepreneurship as a form of labor integration. We help you to reflect on whether this is the best path for you to follow. 


If in your case, you have a concrete business idea and you are determined to become an entrepreneur, Starting up is the one that helps you, on the one hand, to develop the personal qualities of an entrepreneur and, on the other hand, to concrete your idea and design your business model and your business plan.

Scaling up offers you guidance and support in the first steps after launching your business idea on the German market in order to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and to grow your business. 

If you are a visual artist and need support to professionalize your artistic activity, we invite you to participate in Scaling up for artists in which we offer you tools to overcome the challenges of cultural entrepreneurship.

With the new online compact courses, we would like to support female founders with relevant topics related to their business start-up. Participation is free. The registration fee for participants residing in Berlin is co-financed by the European Social Fund ESF and the Senate Department for Science, Health, Care and Equal Opportunities.



Are you interested in the field of entrepreneurship but lack the information you need to decide if this is the best option for you in Germany?

We help you


Do you already have a business idea but don't quite know where to start and how to develop it into a viable business project? We help you to plan it thoroughly before you take the leap! 

Your start-up is also our start-up!


Have you already developed your idea, have you just started or are you about to start a business and are facing the challenges of establishing it in the market?

We support and advise you in the consolidation of your business.



Are you a migrant artist and want to professionalize and make your artistic activity profitable? 

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