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Frauenalia in Deutschlandfunk Kultur - country report.
Difficult start: Female founders with a migration background in Berlin

21.09.2022 (german)

In this nationwide country report, Luise Samman reports on the living and working conditions of international female founders in Germany.

Featured are Begoña de la Marta, founder of Frauenalia, Christoph Sajons from the Mannheim Institute for SME Research and Alexander Hirschfeld from the German Startups Association.

Referring to the Migrant Founders Monitor 2022 study jointly published by the German Startups Association and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, they analyze the potential of female founders with a migration background and provide insight into the motivations for which migrants in Germany choose the path of starting a business.

The article also features examples of participants in the Frauenalia project HUB for female entrepreneurs and talk about topics such as the migration process, language acquisition, obstacles on the labor market and chances of success as a female entrepreneur.


They also explain why they chose entrepreneurship as a form of employment and how they deal with it individually. 

We thank Luise Samman for this encouraging radio report and our women alias for their courage and willingness to share their experiences with us and the public.


Frauenalia in Der Tagesspiegel -Article on the proportion of women in business and the start-up scene

15.10.2021 (german)

Just get started!

The Tagesspiegel in the topic special: where potential founders are helped, talks to Begoña de la Marta about the needs of immigrant women and their particularities when starting up in Germany.

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Deutsche Welle (DW), online article for the economy section of the DW website

07.09.2021 (spanish)

"Women, Migrants and Founders: Stories that inspire".

Online article from Deutsche Welle on the Summit of International Women Entrepreneurs in Germany SIE gründet. Maricel Draxer talks to relevant women founders from Latin America, participants of the Summit. Paulina Carrera and Cecilia Paladines from Ecuador as well as Yeri Anarika from Mexico tell DW about the various challenges they faced when starting their own business in Germany. Begoña de la Marta, founder of Frauenalia gUG from Spain and originator of the Summit, explains its raison behind and tells us the idea behind the performance. 


Interview with Cosmo Estación Sur - Radio Station from the WDR

04.08.2021 (spanish)

Interview with two former successful Frauenalia entrepreneurs.


Podcast with

18.02.2021 (german)

What to do when it is difficult for foreign female professionals to gain a foothold in the German job market? Begoña de la Marta gives her answer: stay open and creative! - She talks about her beginnings in Germany and how it came to found Frauenalia.


Frauenalia mit

rbb Kultur 

Couragiert unterwegs – Feministisch, divers, weltoffen 

Frauen auf dem Weg in die Unabhängigkeit

01.05.2022 (Deutsch) 

In the series “couraged on the road” by rbb kultur, people, especially women of different generations, have their say, who courageously and resolutely campaign for equality and justice in many areas of life, in culture as well as in everyday life.

Frauenalia had the opportunity to take part in the programme: Begoña de la Marta held a discussion on “Starting a business means willingness to take risks” with the editor Michaela Gericke, as well as with Angela Dovifat from Goldrausch eV and Susann Schmelzer from Akelei eV. Among other things, the topic of the role of migrant female founders in Germany was discussed. 


Deutsche Welle video clip on DW YouTube channel

10.09.2021 (spanish)

"What does it mean to be a working woman and founder in Germany?".

The international news channel from Germany for foreign countries, Deutsche Welle, introduces the founder of a successful jewelry brand and former participant of Frauenalia Jimena Bello in her studio.

Video journalist Tomás Gutierrez talks to her about her beginnings and why it is often more difficult for international women to start a company in Germany. Tomás also introduces the new Summit of International Women Entrepreneurs, SIE gründet, and interviews Begoña de la Marta and Claudia Zuleta from Frauenalia gUG about their motivation to get the congress up and running in a very short time.

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Frauenalia on the podcast Afterwork: communication for creative businesses, Ep.11

24.08.2021 (spanish)

Podcast from the marketing company "The Pirouette" by Maria Wolle - "Cómo montar una empresa con una estrategia detrás." Interview with the founder of Frauenalia Begoña de la Marta about her expertise and tips in starting a successful business.


Berliner Woche Newspaper

18.02.2021 (german)

The Berliner Woche newspaper is published weekly in 30 editions with a total circulation of around 1.3 million copies. Distributed free of charge in the mailbox. Week after week, they report on what's going on in the various districts of Berlin and where to buy what. Topics: Social affairs, culture, business, education


Interview with Cosmo Estación Sur - Radio Station from the WDR

10.05.2020 (spanish)

Interview with Frauenalia's team.

Maria Bernal

Frauenalia with rbb in his podcast Cosmo in Spanish: "Founding as an alternative to reinvent yourself"

14.04.2022 (spanish) 

How does Frauenalia work when it comes to supporting female founders with a migration background in Germany? Why is it important to seek advice from experts in this field?

In this conversation with María Bernal, Press and Public Relations Officer at Frauenalia, we identify challenges and explore some of the experiences of international women in Germany about starting up.

Thank you for the voice of our participants Ana Briceño, Clara Font, Vivan Birn and Angélica Villarreal for their exciting narratives, and to presenters Alejandra López and Sergio Correa of Cosmo in Spanish for their friendly questions and enjoyable conversation.


Deutschlandfunk, radio report on the program: Campus and Career 

09.09.2021 (german)

SIE GRÜNDET: the German radio station Deutschlandfunk dedicated the radio report to the hybrid event SIE gründet, the first federal congress for international women entrepreneurs, which Frauenalia organized together with IQ Fachstelle Migrantenökonomie on September 8, 9 and 10 in Berlin. 

Journalist Luise Sammann researches the background of the congress for the program Campus und Karriere, talks to Begoña de la Marta about her motives for organizing the congress and about the networking needs of female founders with migration histories in Germany.  

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Interview with Cosmo Estación Sur - Radio Station from the WDR

15.08.2021 (spanish)

Radio interview with the founders Begoña de la Marta and Claudia Zuleta about the first Summit of International Women Entrepreneurs in Germany, "SIE gründet", which will take place from September 8th to 10th:



18.02.2021 (german)

Bezirkliche Bündnisse für Wirtschaft und Arbeit in Berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg - in German: about the project Intercultural Working LAB.


Podcast MiGradio with Xochicuicatl e.V.

23.09.2019 (spanish)

Latin American Women's Association: Interview with Dr. Claudia Zuleta and Ms. Begoña de la Marta - Business creation, a way of professional integration as migrants.