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Velasco Rosaana.jpeg

Rossana Velasco

Intercultural Business HUB 
Module IV - Art & Zukunft 2019 - 20

The Frauenalia team is very professional. Thanks to the program I was able to gradually regain my self-confidence and accelerate the pace to achieve my goals. I loved meeting so many women who were on a very similar path to mine. We always worked as a team. Despite the passing of time I still have contact with many of the girls from the course.


I am so grateful for all the support! 

Laura Gil.png

Laura Gil Cabero

Intercultural Working LAB 2020

A decisive moment for me was when at the LAB we talked about avoiding "stopgap" professional solutions, which may give you financial security but do not make you happy.

That is precisely what forced me to fight my fears and insecurities, I turned down job offers I had received and decided to start my own business in Germany, something I could never have imagined.


Eliza Fernandez Iranzo

Intercultural Business HUB
Module III Field 2020 - 21

Everything I learned in Frauenalia was very useful and inspiring, but for me, something that was extremely enlightening was the moment when we learned to create an outline of our company, to be able to visualize in the same model all the pieces of gears that make up the machine of our company, and always be aware of which aspect needs more work, what are the weaknesses, potential threats, etc.

Maritza estupinan.png

Maritza Estupiñán

Intercultural Working LAB 2019

Begoña and Claudia were and will always be models of what the professionalism, persistence and strength of migrant women can achieve in these lands without losing their essence. Seeing and/or remembering them is an inspiration!


Laura Gutiérrez Serpa

Intercultural Business HUB
Module III Field 2020 - 21

"Through the course I was able to recognize that the difficult situations I faced were actually opportunities to believe in my service and understand the reason for my project. It was an opportunity to listen to different points of view from my colleagues and the Frauenalia team and this allowed me to prepare myself to understand future clients and/or competitors."

Marisa Diaz.png

Marisa Díaz Aguilar

Intercultural Working LAB 2019

From the program I would highlight the personal journey with Claudia, discovering new tools and rediscovering the ones I already had. Recognizing what my vocation and passion is and fighting for it. Gabriela's part was key to face job interviews with empowerment.


Altea Garrido

Intercultural Business HUB
Module III Field 2020 - 21

The module at Frauenalia has given me many valuable tools to develop my business strategy. The program is very complete and the teachers are excellent. The support is warm, stimulating and professional. By studying my competitive advantage, I have focused on an approach that fits very well with my own history, skills and personality.

The module hit us just as the pandemic began and the Frauenalia team was able to quickly port their system to a digital version.

a9d0231d foto cv.jpg

Mila Gallardo

Intercultural Working LAB 2019

"During my participation in the Lab I have experienced many special moments. It is very empowering to walk the path with women who are in the same situation. I can't speak of a specific moment, but rather of a process in which I was getting rid of all the fears I was dragging along until the essence of my inner desire remained.


And at the same time, I have gained the necessary strength to start this training with the certainty that this is what I want to do despite obstacles such as age or language."


Jessica Morgades

Intercultural Business HUB
Module III - Field 2020 

"A super recommended course!

They have given me many tools to be able to continue growing my business. With this course I have learned to see all the good things that my company has and how to improve all my failures. I have a lot of motivation to keep going and many other things that I will never stop applying!"


Sandra Feferbaum Siemsen

Intercultural Working LAB 2020

"With the help of Frauenalia I was able to put into words what my competences are and it gave me more confidence and security to introduce myself in job interviews. Now I know what my "Strengths" are. I also discovered that many of my characteristics that I saw as negative, I can turn them around and see them in a positive way.

When I wrote my motivation letter for an interview together with Gabriela, I realized that my level of German is not a barrier and that I actually have more experience in my job than I thought I had, and I value that very much today."

Elena sotres.png

Elena Sotres Zapatero

Intercultural Business HUB
Module III Field 2020 - 21

"More than half of the Intercultural Business HUB took place during phases of the COVID lockdown in Germany. The accompaniment by the teachers of the program was key to "appease" my eagerness to move forward with my entrepreneurship under certainly adverse circumstances. This was especially the case at the beginning of the new year 2021, when I came up with new business ideas beyond translations.


Individual coaching sessions were also decisive in reaffirming my desire to throw myself fully into my venture and to help me."


Carla Morera

Intercultural Working LAB 2020

"The bright moment was when I realized that at the time I totally underestimated what it means to be a resident in Germany being of Spanish origin. In my case it happened quite naturally to move here. It was for work. And shortly after arriving I became a mother.


Living in such a different culture presents a number of obstacles itself, and if one is aware of the bumps in the road ahead and prepares for them, they can be handled with ease and tranquility. Exploring intercultural competencies was very eye-opening."

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